What I’m Doing Now…

I’m currently in San Francisco, building RecruitLoop as cofounder and CEO. I also recently became a dad, which is a life-changing experience.

I’m working hard to be great at both these things (father, husband, CEO). As a result, I need to be incredibly focused and disciplined about other areas I invest my time.

In the little time I have outside these adventures, I’m trying to do more of:

  • Keeping functionally fit.  Through high-intensity intervals, weight-lifting, surfing, and running with Shasta.
  • Maintaining relationships.  With family and friends across the world, but particularly back in Australia.
  • Reading books (not blogs).
  • Writing new content In the areas of hiring and talent, startup life, distributed teams and modern work.
  • Providing help or advice to other founders.  Particularly Australian founders considering their options in the US.
  • Relearning guitar.  On the beautiful Takamine I’ve had for 15 years.
  • Practicing mindfulness.  Being present, positive and empathetic.

These are my priorities, and I’m trying to spend all my time doing these things. As a result, I’m trying to say no more often. This might make me sound like a dick, but I hope you’ll understand.

I’m trying to say no to:

  • Networking events.
  • Coffee meetings that don’t have specific context or questions, or where I can provide guidance over a quick call or coffee.
  • Anything that doesn’t help directly on a priority above.

I’m always happy to hear from strangers or new connections. Please email me with a specific question (or piece of feedback). Forgive me in advance if I can’t make coffee.

If my priorities change, I’ll update this page. The last update was Nov-2015.